My name is Keri Kropke, I am running for North Orange County Community College District 7 to help thousands of students develop and hone their skills for a new, undefined economy. We will provide enriching curriculums and state of the art campuses where students can find their passion and fulfill their life’s pursuits. North Orange County Campuses will be the heart and hub of our community where we welcome back former students and open the doors for neighbors to train and reskill for a post COVID era.

"I look to our community for input and collaboration and ask you to call me to be of service to you during these challenging times. Count on me for steady, dependable and proven leadership." - Keri Kropke M.A., M.H. CCC – SLP

Our students are facing unprecedented challenges ranging from tuition affordability and food insecurity. We need a trustee who will tackle these challenges head-on and reimagine what public education will look like tomorrow.:

Our community colleges are the backbone of our community and where students of every generation come home to learn. The best way to invest in Orange County's future is to ensure that every student has access to affordable, quality higher education.

Our principles:

  • Student Success
    • Improve retention 
    • Increase transfer rates 
    • Make CTE programs competitive
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Mental Health support
  • Technology
    • 1-1 mobile technology for every student enrolled with training for students and staff. 
    • Stable internet connectivity with local providers. 
    • Expansion of new and emerging technologies to compete in the post covid global economy.
  • Entrepreneurship/ Trades
    • Foster small business development and build business bridges.
    • Create state of the art instruction and trade facilities graduating students to address the workforce crisis shortage. 
  • Transparency
    • Easy access to budge transparency, board meetings and foster community     engagement. 
    • Full disclosure of budget. 

Keri and her son.